Programs take input and produce output. The output is the result of doing something with the input. Input, transform, output, done.

This pattern is easy to see when the program is a UNIX tool. Take a string, count the words, print out the result. But it’s a lot harder to see when we’re writing an…

A Custom Callout View for iOS


Check out SMCalloutView on Github.

There’s a great UI widget that’s been on iOS since day one:


Ever wonder what that black pointy bubble is exactly? It’s kind of a strange beast. The way it “bounces” when opening is an animation that I believe is unique across the entire iOS platform. It kind of grows out from the tip of the arrow then springs back like a UIAlertView. I still find it fun and satisfying to watch.

So when we were creating our indoor mapping UI for Meridian, I naturally wanted to use this widget. Unfortunately, it’s considered a private API. Bummer!

There are some existing 3rd-party controls out there that mimic this one, but they aren’t a perfect replica. And I demand perfection! So I made my own version, and dubbed it SMCalloutView.

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